Female Characters Of The Aeneid Essay

Female Characters Of The Aeneid Essay

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The Aeneid is essentially about Aeneas and his pietaś to find Rome. Within this poem there are many female characters that play important roles towards Rome’s future; the female characters in the Aeneid are primarily figures of chaos, hostility and opposition in the Roman future. Juno, the queen of the gods plays a major role in the chaos Aeneas faces when finding Rome. Juno does not like the Trojans and attempts to stall Aeneas from his pietaś at every step. Dido is the Queen of Carthage, she falls in love with Aeneas and wants him to live with her in Carthage which prolongs his journey to find Rome. Amata, is the Queen of Laurentum, she struggles to stop Aeneas from marrying her daughter Lavina which would complete his pietaś to find Rome. Juturna is the sister of the suitor, Turnus that Aeneas must fight in order to get Lavina’s hand in marriage in order to rule Latium, she’s also a goddess and helps Turnus pursuit to stop Aeneas. Allecto is a fury who with the order of Juno tries to stall Aeneas from his pietaś. Camilla is the strongest female warrior that helps Turnus in his battle with Aeneas and the Romans. All these female characters have one thing in common and that is to stop Aeneas and ultimately halt the future of Rome.
Juno, the Queen of the Gods is the leading female character in this poem that tries to steer Aeneas away from his pietaś. Juno does not like the Trojans because of Paris’s judgment in a beauty contest between her, Venus and Minerva. “That suffering, still rankled: deep within her, Hidden away, the judgment Paris had gave, Snubbing her loveliness; the race she hated;” (Aeneid. 1. 39-41) She uses this grudge against Aeneas as he is a Trojan just like Paris, in many instances. For example, Juno goes to A...

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... ambush them. Diana, the goddess of hunting tells Opis, a huntress tells of Camilla’s story growing up and tells Opis any man that harms Diana will be killed. “By this let any Trojan or Italian, One or the other who may violate Her sacred body with a wound, pay back In blood an equal penalty to me.” (Aeneid. 11. 805-808) Camilla being protected by divine power makes her a threat to Aeneas and his men, she will also make his battle against Turnus extended. Camilla the great warrior defeats many men in combat. “Savage girl, whom did your lance unhorse, What victims, first and last, how many thrown down on the battlefield, Torn bodies dying?” (Aeneid, 11. 903-906) Camilla being on Turnus’ side in this war is an advantage to Turnus because he would not have been able to overthrow as many of Aeneas’ men without her, thus putting him in the lead of this war with her help.

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