The Female Body : A Feminist Perspective On The Body Essay

The Female Body : A Feminist Perspective On The Body Essay

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Turned, pulled, stretched, tucked; molded by the average man with a wedge and hammer at hand. The female body is a dissected organism in which tolerance is searched for. In search for a tolerable female form, modifications on the female body are performed. This lust for acceptance and understanding causes females to partake in methods of “beautifying themselves” to please man. Man, the omnipotent being whose thoughts and words cascade onto the hearts of women causing mutilation, suppression, and the desire to discover oneself. Upon the discovery that the female body portrays different views amongst the culturally different beings, social movements allow the unvoiced words to be shared. Within the social movements founded by feminism, the social movement that will be focused on throughout the piece a feminist perspective on the body. The body in its natural form can cause controversy among those who view it in a criminal manner. The issue with the female body is that it is constantly being placed in different categorizes due to the era and norms presented at that time. Females are conditioned to believe that the female body is a criminal possession by the form in which man imposes rules and conditions on how the body must be presented.
Feminism or the condensed form; the feminist perspective on the body has the intention of bringing awareness to the obscene treatment of the female body. Such treatment includes the forming of laws that prevent women from exposing their body whilst men have the ability to do so without the presence of shame. The female body is constantly manipulated via the media in an attempt to create the perfect body. With the false image of the perfect female body produced to the public, females attempt to recre...

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...oung age the female body is seen as holding forms of disgust and should be molded from a young form into a tolerable piece that is to be displayed to the world under the circumstance that it is appealing to the social eye.
Never to be seen unless man paints the picture. This is until feminist art activist Dafna Rehavia snatches the wedge and hammer from man, and creates her own women: her own piece. Within the article Revisiting Feminist Approaches to Art Therapy the author Susan Hogan gives readers information on Dafna. Rehavia is an Israeli born artist whom holds a doctorate in feminist art therapy. Hogan shares, “She has worked with different populations of patients and has taught in art therapy and women study programs” (Hogan 324).With the artists knowledge in feminism and art as a form of activism the readers has a sense that the artist has credibility and is

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