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Beauty pageants seem to serve no apparent purpose for societal reasons. They denigrate the image of females as far as gender equality goes. There is many different ranges of beauty pageants all over the world. Females can be as small as 2 months. Many girls dream to become Miss U.S.A or Miss World. It seems to give the idea that you have to be beautiful and be up to the judges expectations of how a beauty queen should act and looks like.  They have a negative effect on the people in today’s society especially the younger female population. The females can develop insecurity problems and low confidence due to the fact they did not win a competition and not feel “beautiful” as the title of a “Beauty” Pageant.
Children female beauty pageants such as the televised show “Toddlers and Tiaras,” have a bad influence on young girls. The show more or over is a reality show of young girls in between the ages of as young as 3 months and older. Truly, this is poisoning their brains. Not only are they poisoning the young childs brains, but teaching them that face and body image is everything. It does not help the young girls self-esteem; it is damaging them morally in the real sense that they are real people that are being taught looks are important. There is other activities to build up a childs self-esteem other than beauty pageants as parents believe; such as dancing, sports or acting lessons. Especially the younger children who get influenced faster, are taught to be more beautiful on the outside than the inside. For example, lots of the girls on the show and in local beauty pageants usually tan, wear wigs, wear false eyelashes, fake nails and makeup. What is this teaching them? It is morally wrong for a girl that young to be adding all ...

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...lege which is beneficial for their future. Most females join beauty pageants to collect money for their financial needs. Beauty pageants can be helpful to develop communication skills, confidence and personal achievement.
Mainly, female beauty pageants have no purpose in society. They put to much emphasis on the “beauty” of the pageant. They belittle the fact that young women are products and not real people with flaws. Teaching the younger female generation that true beauty is within is what our goal in America should be.

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