Female Agency : A Wide Spread Problem Essay

Female Agency : A Wide Spread Problem Essay

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Female agency is considered a wide spread problem throughout society in todays day and age. It is a communication issue where by the females voice, weather it be in a professional or personal enviroment, doesn 't get heard. This problem is primarily down to a lack of respect coming from the male population and the patriarchy factor. Manjima Bhattacharjya, who had written many publications on feminism says this; “The question of women’s agency has been a thorn in the side of feminism for as far back as I can remember. In early usage, it was a term used by economists to denote the “intellectual capacity of women to make intelligent, purposive (rational) decisions, under the standard constraints that face most decision-makers” (Manjima Bhattacharjya) This quote just reinforces that female agency and feminism has been around for a long time and was more magnified in the 20th century than it is now due to more awareness and appreciation towards the subject. Female Agency is apt world wide and Ireland falls right underneath that overhead. For decades women in Ireland have been over shadowed and left primarily to look after the house. Society has prevented them from moving on with their lives rather than being constrained to the confining’s of their houses. Mary Ryan, a PHD candidate at the Mary Immaculate Collage states; “For a long time, Irish women’s lives were strictly confined to the private domain, and women’s issues were largely silenced and hidden from public knowledge. Additionally, both Church and state maintained that women should hold a certs in morality, particularly relating to areas of sexuality and reproduction. As a result, until relatively recently, Irish women’s issues remained largely ignored and therefore unremarked ...

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...it clearly shows an unhealthy and disrespective way of living. Men and Women should have equal rights and have the same admiration for one another especially in matters involving an intimate relationship.

All in all the audience can really question the concepts of the glorification of violence, the social consequences of patriarchy and female agency with in the two books “Orange Horses” and “The Husband”. They show great contrast with in the topics of Patriarchy and female agency that allows us to take into account both sides of the subject. While both stories portray the matter of glorification of violence which really shows people how present it was back in the 20th century. All of these topics effected the way the characters lived their lives and told the story which would correlate across to reality which is backed up by what the experts said on the issues.

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