Essay on Femal Protagonist in the Hunger Games and Divergent

Essay on Femal Protagonist in the Hunger Games and Divergent

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In both The Hunger Games and Divergent there are female protagonists,in The Hunger Games’s it is Katniss Everdeen and in Divergent it is Tris Prior. These two heroines have both similar and different qualities such as: their physical looks, where they live, their families, whom they trust, and who they end up falling in love with. Tris and Katniss both also go through extremely difficult events, but these events turn both of them into stronger,wiser, and more individualistic young women.
While going through many difficult circumstances, both of them undergo some changes in how they look and how they think. As Katniss goes into the games she does not trust anyone and has no true friends, she has very little muscle and is rather lean, but she is good with a bow. Once in the games begin she becomes more aware of her surroundings, she learns many tricks to survive, she lets her guard down, and allows people to help her and become her friend. Katniss has long brown hair throughout the novel, and is about average height, Katniss is also called “the girl on fire” throughout the novel. While Tris also has long blonde hair but is short, so their hair length is about the same, they both really don't trust people till later in their stories, and they also become better leaders. Tris had hardly any muscle going into the Dauntless compound but once she is trained by Four, she gaines a lot of muscle. Everyone sees Tris as a “little girl or a stiff” but what they don’t realize is how dangerous she can be, she is very smart and sees through people’s crap, she can tell what is true or not, Tris can do this because she is different, she is divergent. Being divergent means that you have multiple ways of thinking, you are not just selfish or smart ...

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...ou don't fit in with any of those you are factionless. Once the choosing ceremony arrived Tris choose Dauntless and from then on lives among the other Dauntless transverses and the rest of the Dauntless. Both ladies live in communities where the people are split up, they are divided into certain sections for doing specific jobs or they are separated by personality traits. Similarly both Katniss and Tris want to leave their communities, Tris feels like she doesn’t belong, she wants to be free and she wants a little more excitement in her life. While Katniss wants to leave so that her sister or herself won’t have to go into the games, she is tired of the way the government is run and wants to be free. Also both of these novels takes place in the United state of America but both novels are set way into the future, so maybe these two young girls could have been friends.

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