Essay about Felony Offenders Can Be Rehabilitation

Essay about Felony Offenders Can Be Rehabilitation

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The rehabilitation of violent offenders is very rare but is possible to the offenders that actually want to be rehabilitated. Contrary to the public opinion, people convicted of felony offenses can be rehabilitated, but they must determine their future path for themselves and not rely on the prison system to do all the work for them.
Rehabilitation is a process and a department that should take the lead (Africa News Service 1 of 3 pages). Also, People do not think that offenders will return to their criminal ways again, while after parole and the committee will observe all relevant aspects (Africa News Service 2 of 3). Furthermore, research shows that prisoners are penitentiary or a correctional facility and they are alike to the rehabilitation process (Africa News Service 1 of 2). However, this says that if prisoners work, that is a way that the prisoners can show that he or she is attempting to rehabilitate themselves (National Review 2 of 3).
More importantly, self-determination is something that violent offenders need to help them look past the bad and toward the good. A long term studies of delinquent men think that it is better for them to be in a stable home instead of always on the streets to improve their behaviors because when they grow up on the streets causing trouble they are learning nothing but bad behavior. This should help violent offenders that have been rehabilitated to self-determine themselves, that way when they have children they do not make the mistake of letting them roam the streets like they did when they were children (Harvard Mental Health Letter 1 of 3). Likewise, In Huntsville there are prisoners that are dying due to heat strokes, the guards are completely suffocating the inmates, and this should pu...

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... to help them decide things that a person must decide for themselves.

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