Fellow Students Of The University Of Kentucky Essay

Fellow Students Of The University Of Kentucky Essay

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Fellow Students of the University of Kentucky:
All of you have demonstrated your ability and are demonstrating a concern with who you are and what will you become, otherwise you wouldn’t be students of this institution. If you’re here by force, someone has that concern on your behalf. Before I further judge your justification for being a student, I will provide mine. If I were an idealist, concerned only with matters of ideal purpose, I’d state my reasons as a desire to achieve a classic education. However, if I were concerned only with matters of ideal purpose, I suppose I’d have a major other than that which combines my curiosities and career goals. But more basically, just as previously suggested, I am here in order to obtain a more prosperous career, and thus live a happier life. You understand this purpose, and likely share the same.
Moreover, within our shared purpose, we maintain an assumption that outside factors, such as job openings within our intended career field, are either ideal or will be ideal upon college graduation. We cannot simply ignore the possibility that we will be unable to find a job. We cannot simply ignore the possibility that we’re aiming to enter a field we won’t enjoy. We cannot simply ignore that Kentucky’s economy has faced tremendous troubles, and in some regions has never fully developed. These truths are ever present and ever existent.
An article in the Kentucky Kernel from 2011, “Economy worries UK students, graduates,” raises several economic indicators as potential red flags for students and graduates of the University of Kentucky – providing examples of these negative economic possibilities. John Garen, an economics professor at the University, summarized the situation “‘unemployment ra...

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... revealing.
According to Freedom Kentucky, between 1996-2004, Georgia brought in more than 500,000 new jobs, Virginia more than 400,000, North Carolina nearly 275,000. Tennessee brought in more than 125,000 new jobs, South Carolina around 125,000 and Kentucky brought in less than 100,000 jobs in that time.
These numbers show a significant problem. A big reason for us underperforming is companies want to do business in right-to-work states. Those who make plant location decisions vote with their wallets.”
Kentucky’s elected leaders should explore the possibilities associated with
The purpose of these potential legislative actions, or at least promotion of “pro-growth” policies, is to ensure steady economic growth. If not economic growth, economic stabilization should be the aim. We as college students are doing our part, now we must demand legislators to do the same.

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