Feeding The Cows, By Michael Pollan Essay

Feeding The Cows, By Michael Pollan Essay

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Although most people don’t take into deep conscious thought about eating meat, using non animals products is very beneficial to oneself and the environment. This is important because it affects us and mother nature in our everyday lives. There are many products out there that promote murder and animal abuse. For example, all dairy products.. Most of these actions cause us to kill or hurt animals. Animals are pumped with chemicals that cause them to produce more milk. These chemicals infect these animals and stay in their body. When we as a society, eat this meat, we are also eating the chemicals that our meat intakes. Veganism is the only way for us to save these animals from going through this painful process. Our society deals with many obstacles such as animal cruelty, unhealthy fast food, and cancer causing meat caused by animal consumption.
According to Michael Pollan, author of Omnivore’s Dilemma, feeding the cows corn is very harmful to them because cows stomachs naturally only intake grass, which causes the cows to become very sick and their teeth fall out. So they ingest the cows with “antibiotics” and drugs to make them feel drowsy and not feel the pain they are in. The farmers then impregnate the cow against its will, technically raping the cow. When it is time for the birth of calf, depending on the sex of the baby, if it is a male it is taken away from its mother and slaughtered and sold. If it is a female the process starts all over again, and she is kept pregnant for her milk. What farmers do not tell you is that milk is never supposed to meet the air. They then pasteurize it, killing parts of the milk’s nutrients a baby calf relies on. A baby calf can not drink it’s own mother’s milk if it is pasteurized, even if...

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...tomach diseases such as stomach inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, and even chronic constipation. Also the United States of America creates 53.3 percent of GMO foods. This information shows that the act of veganism can lower cancer rates but increase the rates of other diseases depending the amount of consumption of GMO fruits and vegetables.
In conclusion, the practice of Veganism can lower cancer rates, increase life expectancy by non consumption of unhealthy fast foods, and make a dent in the statistics of animal cruelty. We as a society can grow and evolve into smarter, healthier, intelligent group of individuals that can make a difference. The practice of veganism can save animal lives, prevent cancer, and even stop the corporations such as monsanto from using our people as their metaphorical guinea pigs to test their vegetable experiments.

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