Feeding Hungry Kids : America Should Be A Top Priority Essay

Feeding Hungry Kids : America Should Be A Top Priority Essay

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Feeding hungry kids in America should be a top priority.
How does it feel to go without food all day and perhaps every day? Eaten well and healthy is one of the most fundamental needs of humans, and good nutrition, especially in the early-age is crucial to lay down a good foundation that can help child’s physical and mental health. Some people have that opportunity, but it is not the case for many children in the world, even in America which is the wealthiest and power country in the world. Hunger is affecting many children around the world while billions of pound of foods are being wasted. Many children do not get enough to eat or do not even have a single meal a day. Yes! A kid can skip lunch or breakfast, but when it becomes a daily deal, it is called food insecurity: According to the article ``We Must End Hunger in America starting with Child, 49 million American including 16 million American children are affected by hunger”. Those children who are facing hunger cannot be in good health, and hunger has short-term as well as long-term consequences on child life. President Harry Truman said `` No Nation is healthier than its children” (Courier- Journal). So if we want healthy nation tomorrow, and we want to reduce crime and violence, we must make feeding hungry kids a priority, and find different solutions to end Child Hunger in America.
To understand the issue and how serious is the matter, we first need to consider the consequences or effects hunger has on children’s life. Hunger a situation that children are facing not only traumatizes them but makes them also sick. The fact of nourishing a child who is starving is a right thing to do, because a child badly nourishes, cannot by no means succeed in school. A kid who is hungr...

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...dable health insurance, we must also end child hunger in America.
Yes the Gouvernement has to do something to put a stop to that situation ,by Increasing funding of existing food assistance programs. establishing new structures to support children in that matter. For example, the free lunch program at school needs to be encouraged,creating news jobs for parents to have income to be able to care for their children.But the Gorvenement can’t do il all, you and I have a action to take , if we want to put a smile in a child face, let’s get involved in the feeding program, maybe in our church , or community, or by supporting them fianancially.
The story of tha man at the restaurant………..like this man we all can make a difference in a child’s life. Or do you want to see a kid like this (hungry child picture) or rather ac child like this ( smiling Kid picture) around You??

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