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Feed and The Road by M.T. Anderson Essay

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No matter who you are, life presents us with challenges everyday. Some days these challenges are harder than others, but nonetheless, they make our everyday lives seem a little bit tougher. How people adjust to these problems in their lives, make them who they are as a person in this world. As Christians, we hold on or turn to our faith in this time of desperation and need. This faith seems to always pop up in a last minute desperation situation. Sometimes, we humans count on faith to survive in an inhumane world. Both the Feed and The Road deal with aspects of faith. This is what the characters form both books held onto to get them through their tough times, even though, Feed and The Road were based in two different extreme worlds. In today’s society, as Christians, we need to hold onto our faith and make sure we believe in ourselves to never let go, or this world, or any other worlds, can bring about the worst in us.
In M.T. Anderson’s, Feed, Titus is a normal teenager, like anyone else, but he has a transmitter, feednet, implanted in his body that runs through his brain. Through this feednet Titus and all of his friends can access anything they want through their feeds. Anything they can think of or desire, their feed reads and gives them a variety of suggestions on what they should buy. Also, the feed allows for the person to access any shows, advertisements, or media. As much as they would have liked to think that they controlled the feed, it fact, it actually controlled them.
Titus and his friends decided that they would go party on the moon for their spring break. The moon is where Titus falls in love with a girl named Violet. She was different form anyone else Titus knew, which made him even more attracted...

... middle of paper ...

...n love.
Feed is a great way to look at our faith in Christianity. In this short time in this world, we cannot let ourselves take every second of every day for granted. Like Violet, we need to learn how to survive and make the most or lives in the world. Violet never really could get the grasp of the idea of the feed and how it was so important in that futuristic world, but she held on to her roots and in what she truly believed in. Life can present some difficult tasks for us, but we cannot let this stand in the way of our lives. We, as Christians, need to turn towards our faith and what we believe in to guide us.
Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, like Feed, is based in a world that it seems the characters do not fit into very well. The Road is based on a story of an unnamed man and son in an unknown apocalyptic world on their journey to safety towards the coast.

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