Essay on Fedex Supply And Demand Supply

Essay on Fedex Supply And Demand Supply

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FedEx Supply and demand
Primarily working in logistics for the government, we have really shifted into inventory control by shipping items everyday to other units. This helps the government save money when another unit doesn’t need an item at that time. This method also helps us to get something to a unit faster than maybe a company can. When shipping these inventory parts we will use FedEx most of the time. FedEx offers a really easy way of creating labels and setting up accounts, making the process of tracking and shipping easier. When a unit is in need of a part that is critical to operations, FedEx is a company that can get that part there the next day at a reasonable price rather than waiting for that part to be ordered and shipped. With more companies looking to save money inventory control might be a more common thing. This could be a cause for some of the demand for FedEx and other shipping companies to be higher. People and business always need to ship products from one place to another. With more companies being in wider...

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