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FedEx, one of the world’s leading delivery and logistics companies was ask by The Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington D.C. and Zoo Atlanta, to transport two of the most beloved pandas in the U.S. to an animal preserve in China in January 2010. This offered a chance for FedEx to influence the U.S. and Chinese markets during this high-profile flight. The premise was to take the pandas to China for conservation and breeding efforts of the endangered species at the beginning of February, this allowed FedEx less than two weeks. FedEx took on the opportunity with a Boeing 777-Freighter and donated their logistical and transportation expertise, in what was appropriately called the “FedEx Panda Express”.
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Fredrick W. Smith is the chairman, president and chief executive officer for FedEx Corporation. FedEx Corporation has several companies operation under the FedEx name. Smith came up with the idea for FedEx Express, when he realized that most airfreight shippers used passenger route systems making them economically inadequate. Thus, FedEx was born to solve the conundrum of express shipping around the world. However, this was not the first time FedEx Express had shipped pandas on a trans-Atlantic journey, FedEx Express had the privilege of shipping Mei Xiang and Tian Tian in 2000. In addition, FedEx had shipped pandas, Ya Ya and Le Le to the Memphis Zoo in 2003, too. (Ducker).

Pandas, also known as, Giant Pandas and Panda Bears are a bamboo-eating bear native to southwest China and have been on the endangered species list in 1984. The panda is one of the eight different species of bears and is the rarest of the bear family with “less than 1,600 in the wild in 2004,” according to the World Wildlife Organiza...

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...s recently just carried other missions to send the beloved panda bear around the world. Most recently, FedEx had sent two Chinese pandas to Paris, France.

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