The Federalism Of The Federal System Essay

The Federalism Of The Federal System Essay

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Federalism is a system where a particular country has divided its government structure and power between a strong central government and a local government that forms constituent political units. Therefore the federal system forms an association between the two governments. The system came to existence as part of the solution to the problems that faced the federal government especially when it came to exercise of authority. The constitution only allowed for continental congress to sign treaties and call on war but in reality it had now enough resources to carry out the activities.
Distribution of Powers within the Federal System
A federal system of government that is used in the United States splits power and authority among the state’s or local governments and the central government. By taking this into consideration, the U.S. Constitution seems to have made the separation comprehensible. The superiority piece enclosed in Article six states about the centralized laws, agreements, and the United States’ Constitution as the ultimate law. The law makers and constitution experts dreaded the centralization of authority in a single legislative body. For that reason, when outlining the Constitution, the Supreme Court allocated some powers solely to the central government, and divided some authorities to the national and local governments. More powers that remained were allocated for the state governments. Similarly, the Constitution also deprived some authorities to each level of government.
Therefore enumerated power or powers that are specifically stated in the constitution section 8 of article one of United States that relate to the central government. The United States Supreme Court is the main centralized court and resolves disagre...

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...e Tenth Amendment 's enumerated powers clause. The clauses limited the centralized government 's authority to those particularly stated in the Constitution and the trade clause of the first article that was bestowed upon the state government the authority to regulate trade.
Proper Distribution of Powers
Proper distribution of powers between the national and state governments involves Separation of powers that divides power among the executive, legislative, and judicial sections or arms of the government as distinct departments. This bestows authority to several different institutions such as the Congress, the executive division, and the judicial division and offers the ability to influence the nation’s program and influence decisions. Besides, it also sets up a structure of checks and balances where power is separated to ensure that no one branch becomes predominant.

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