Federalism Is The Division Of Power Between The Local, State, And National Governments

Federalism Is The Division Of Power Between The Local, State, And National Governments

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Federalism is the division of power between the local, state, and national governments. However, it is the level of government that can make a huge difference when it comes to making a certain policy. The Constitution decides the boundaries for the battles over federalism such as the currency have to be uniform throughout the country and no state can print their personal currency. In the past, our nation had dual federalism, also know as layer cake federalism, from1789-1937 where there are limited interactions between the levels of government since the federalism could have been state-centered or nation-centered. Today, there are various types of federalism that this nation has such as cooperative federalism, also known as marble cake federalism, from 1937-today where the interactions between the levels of government are common. This country also has picket fence federalism, from the 1960s-today, where the horizontal boards represent different levels of government, and the pickets are policy areas within which coordination happens across the levels. Coercive federalism, from 1970-today, is another federalism this country has where national government uses regulations, mandates, and conditions to pressure states to fall into line with national policy goals (Bianco and Canon, 2015). The current form of federalism is sometimes well suited for handling policy issues in the United States as our country experienced “Obamacare”, states’ power, and rights after the Civil War.
The Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare”, was passed by the national government in 2010. The act was intended to provide health care coverage to those who were uninsured, which were more than 30 million Americans However, 26 states sued the national governm...

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...d the conduct of state governments and left the national government with no power to stop the southern states from implementing state and local laws that headed to the segregation of whites and blacks in the South, which is also known as the Jim Crow Laws, and had denied the numerous basic rights that the African Americans had.
Looking at a lot of events that have happened in America from the 1700s to present day, it is safe to say that the current Federalism is sometimes working. This country is not perfect, and many issues are always arising. Viewpoints may change, as well as the judges that are on the Supreme Court and the ratio of the political viewpoints on the Court. The nature of federalism has changed as the relative positions of the state and national governments have evolved such as the New Deal shifting more power to the national government than ever.

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