Essay about Federal Tax Internship With Kpmg

Essay about Federal Tax Internship With Kpmg

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In the months preceding the start of my Federal Tax internship with KPMG, LLP this past summer, I had mixed expectations not only about the potentially difficult work I would be asked to complete, but also about how I would fit in at such a big and prestigious accounting firm with my limited experience and knowledge. In anticipation of my summer at KPMG, I would find myself searching the Internet for articles and forums with helpful advice for new coming “Big-Four” accounting interns and brushing up on some potentially helpful excel formulas. But, as my start date grew nearer, my nerves were progressively replaced with excitement and an eagerness to learn.
My internship began with a short orientation of KPMG’s office located in the Wells Fargo Building of downtown Minneapolis. After some introductions and a few training sessions that outlined what was expected of us in terms of the rules and laws we were required to follow including disclosure of client and firm information and independence affidavits, for example, we were briefed on our trip to Orlando for National Internship Training which would take place the following work day. Training for Partnership-focused federal tax interns would last a whole week filled with events and educational seminars that would introduce us to tax fundamentals and software tutorials that would be helpful during our time with KPMG. National Internship Training would be the primary training session for every KPMG intern in the nation, hosting thousands of interns assigned to all pillars of accounting (audit, tax, and advisory). During meals and events the interns had opportunities to meet interns from around the country helping to expand our professional and social networks, which I found to be one ...

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...was also heavily involved with the community. My intern group was involved in at least two volunteering events per month on average. We spent time volunteering our time with Feed My Starving Children, KPMG Family for Literacy (a KPMG sponsored volunteering effort to help kids struggling to read), and Habitat for Humanity.
But as my internship grew closer to the end date in early September, I began to reflect on my experiences with a “Big Four” accounting firm. After only three months, I had gained exposure to a handful of very different, and very large client work and worked with some very intelligent individuals throughout. I had made some good friends and several acquaintances while interning at KPMG and had spent some very rewarding time helping out the local community volunteering. I had found a passion working with partnerships and forming client relationships.

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