Federal Reserve System in Preventing a Contagious Loss of Confidence Essay

Federal Reserve System in Preventing a Contagious Loss of Confidence Essay

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Federal Reserve System in Preventing a Contagious Loss of Confidence
Maintaining financial stability is an essential undertaking for ensuring country’s
economic developing. Financial stability determines both local and foreign investments into the
economy. A country that experiences fluctuations in factors that affect the stability of its
currency is likely to have low levels of investments. The American Federal Reserve System
(FRS) serves an important role in ensuring market confidence. In particular, FRS assumes a
strategic role in the State’s money economics, acting as influential force that monitors financial
matters in the country. This paper explores the potential or role of Federal Reserve in preventing
a contagious loss of confidence, which may affect the country’s financial stability.
The Federal Reserve protects the economy from contagious effects through regulating the
money supply and borrowing in the economy (Hafer 68). The system undertakes the monetary
policies of regulating the money supply in the US economy to protect the US currency from
depreciating. Through regul...

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