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The Federal Republic of Nigeria Essay

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The Federal Republic of Nigeria
Located in the west of Africa, housing a city with major attractions in the country as the Nigerian National Mosque and the Nigerian National Christian Centre, it is safe to say that Nigeria has a prosperous ethnic diversity housing 250 ethnic groups of which there three in 250 ethnic groups are predominant which are the Hausa, Yoruba and the Igbo. Amongst other predominant tribes the Edo, Ijaw and the Kanuri are three major tribes of six major tribes (Maps of World, 2014: Internet).
Likewise to the constitution of Nigeria, which supports the freedom of religion of the citizens of Nigeria and other citizens, Nigeria is (although others oppose) a multi- religious country. Half of the country which is fifty percent of the country’s population practice Islam whereas part of the other fifty percent shared amongst the practice of Christianity and other minority religion including Judaism, Chrislam ( a religion that consist of elements of Islam and Christianity) Hinduism and the Baha ‘I Faith (Maps of World, 2014: Internet).
What is seen to be dominant and acknowledged is the fact that Muslims dominate the Northern(50%) part of Nigeria and the rest of the country (48,2%) predominated by the Christians, it is no secret that the two dominant religions in Nigeria are the Christian and the Islamic religion (The Pew Forum,2008: Internet).
Section 38 (IV) of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria states, that everyone is entitled to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, this includes the freedom for one to change his or her belief and the freedom to spread. Section 38 (I) of the very constitution advocates for the right of the protection of freedom of religion. There is a great deal of...

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...ood of nonparticipation regarding religious matters, especially when they threaten or endanger human rights. Furthermore increased stance where religion is seen to infringe on the human rights of individuals regardless
• Better training and equipments of the Nigerian defence force and police units in general so as to prevent and avoid discriminatory killings which are backed by bitterness, need to be taped into and considered extensively, especially for terrorist group like the Boko Haram. In baking this is the UN the EU and other organisation, the EU and other member state should intervene by offers to provide training and equipment’s or resort. Furthermore hate speech

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Salawu, B. (2010). “Ethno-Religious Conflicts in Nigeria: Casual Analysis and Proposals for New Management Strategies” European Journal of Social Sciences, 13(3): 345-353

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