The Federal Government Should Increase Gun Control Regulations Essay

The Federal Government Should Increase Gun Control Regulations Essay

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Yes, I believe the Federal Government should increase gun control regulations because still to this day anyone can go get a pistol or an assault rifle. I believe assault rifles and sniper rifles should be either tracked or banned where if you’re not active military you can’t use or own one but a pistol for self-defense and hunting rifle for game should be allowed. I agree with the opinion poll from the pew institute in that more favor gun laws and background checks than protecting the right to bear arms. In the opinion poll research from the pew institute it has a statistic listing that “but other proposals are more divisive: 85% of Democrats favor creation of a database for the federal government to track gun sales, compared with 55% of Republicans.”(Pew Research center pg 1). This shows that more officials believe that something more needs to be done than just a simple run of the mill background check to buy a gun weather it be any type of gun. And yes I believe the Supreme Court would accept this system into society to keep guns and gun owners in check without having to reopen the...

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