Essay about The Federal Government And Higher Education

Essay about The Federal Government And Higher Education

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The federal government has funneled billions of dollars into higher education. The Federal Government has increased the amount of loans that a student can take out from $2,500 per year to $31,000 for all four years of college. This is an increase of over 300%. These loans are guaranteed for all students, and this which allows the students to afford higher tuition rates. This in turn allows colleges to raise their tuition rates because they know that the students can afford them and that the students will do whatever it takes to get the degree. This attempted by the government to artificially lower the cost of higher education has backfired and greatly contributed to the increase in the cost of education. Not only has the government helped to increase the price by giving colleges the ability to charge more, but they have also increase the amount of people who are able to go to college. While this might sound like a good thing from a moral point of view, it is a horrible thing from an economic one. It has greatly increased the demand for higher education, which, due to the laws of supply and demand, caused the price to increase tremendously. What the government needs to do is to lower the amount of student loans that a person can take out. This will do two things, first it will force colleges to lower their prices because students will no longer be able to afford them, and if they do not they will lose the majority of their students. The second thing that this will do is decrease the number of people who will go to college. While this might seem like a bad thing it is necessary in order to help lower tuition because as the demand for something decreases, so will its price. Also we, as a society, need to get rid of the idea that th...

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...go to a state school to save money, her tuition costs over $15,000 a year and most of it will be paid for by student loans. When I talk to her about what she plans on doing after college she does not know what she is going to do and admits that there is not much that she can with the degree. She was already a good artist before she went to college and has not made too much improvement, so she probably could have gotten an art job right out of college instead of wasting so much time and money. Only 27% of all recent graduates actually have jobs related to their majors, and a lot of them have gotten jobs that even require a bachelor 's degree.If we ever want to get rid of the tremendous cost of college we need to get fewer people to get these useless degrees and we need employers to stop require people to have bachelor 's degrees if they don’t really need them (Sharf).

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