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Federal Funding For Only Education Essay

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John Oliver reported that “Congress increased federal funding for only education from about 50 to 75 per year and at least part of that money gets matched by the state”. There the extreme dive that this generation has seen with this. Young people are a lot more open about certain things and sex is no different. At one time school videos would warn children of the dangers of sex outside of a marriage. There often was a vast miscommunication between people and factual know age. Today the common person is still miss lead by the media. Sex Ed wants to teach the student the intricacies of sex and STI but often schools are reluctant to share the curriculum. There are many mental concerns in the safe sex approach and the absence approach. Now absence and sex ed is the difference between trying trying make other’s people 's “ bodies a temple” and “teaching them what to do in the back seat”.
Abstinence is extremely is funded program by the government. It is important to understand how it started. The documentary, Jesus Give Me Sex Documentary, Matt Barber and co writer Brittany Machado Illustrated the beginning of the modern movement. There is of course connection to the race conflict. In 1800s slavery was the moral issues of the american people and it colored most of the issues in american. The slaves do not have rights like marriage so all of their children were considered illegitimate because their weren’t legal people but property. During this time white people often married for practical reasons like status and money. In the mid 1800 slavery was abolished. This shifts the national debate to immigration. Desperate immigrants turned to prostitution thus raising fears that interracial children will “dirty” the white race. The circulat...

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...ir power the results are positive: “I went in... with knowledge about how to protect myself from STI transmission and pregnancy, and tips on how to make it as comfortable of an experience as it could be... While that friend with benefits didn’t last long, I’m forever grateful to my sex education (and his willingness to cooperate) for helping to create such a positive experience.what happens if it messed up” (Scarleteen). Sex Ed brings the knowledge to all while absence brings a no tolerance to the endearment. Sex ed is less pressure but if the young people feel like there no everything then one may get cocky and make a mistake. Today it is the question between a system that only works when it’s perfect and it not or trusting the participant to get it right with the knowledge given. Sex is world wide, it’s meaningful, and young people to do what they want with theirs.

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