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Federal Bureau Of Investigation ( Fbi ) Essay

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The well-known Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was formed in the U.S in 1935. The FBI formed when the Bureau of Prohibition and the Bureau of Investigation combined to form one job. Since 1935, the FBI 's mission has been to investigate crimes that involve a violation of the federal law and to find justice in these crimes. The FBI was extremely active during the Gangster Era and had a wide spectrum of who was committing federal crimes. Criminals such as the infamous John Dillinger, who was the first Public Enemy Number 1 and was on the FBI 's most wanted list. In attempts to put an end to the surplus of organized crime involving the gangsters of the era, the FBI implemented various plans. One of those plans was positioning agents in the streets and to disguise them as simple shop clerks and businessmen while waiting for the gang to appear. The agents themselves would basically do their disguise 's job for a few days throughout the duration of the stakeout. It was this method that eventually lead to the arrest of James Dalhover, a member of the violent Brady Gang (committed violent murders and a series of robberies), was arrested by Agent Walsh. The FBI 's most storied cases come from the 1930s and they helped to shape how the public views the FBI today. The FBI is recognized as being a serious branch in the federal government 's criminal justice system that handles major cases and criminals in the country.

By today’s measures, early 20th century gangsters may seem almost quaint, disarmed by sepia tones and time, people like Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Doc Barker, and Pretty Boy Floyd all proved to be serious threats on the streets. The reality is there was nothing quaint about them. They were thug...

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...ed to pay his income taxes and ended up convicting him for tax evasion in 1931. This conviction for tax evasion lead to an eleven-year sentence in Alcatraz. When Al Capone had served his sentence in Alcatraz, he was released but too sick to carry on with his fast-paced life of crime and eventually died in 1947 of syphilis. It had taken an enormous amount of effort and planning by the federal, state and local authorities in order to catch this fugitive. The efforts used to successfully put an end to Capone are exactly what it used today in order to capture modern-day America 's criminals and terrorists. Capone was born with the evil inclinations to seize the illegal market for alcohol through bootlegging in defiance of Prohibition. He organized his gang like a business, operated it like a criminal, and made war with rival gangs and is remembered today as such.

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