Essay about Federal Ammendment

Essay about Federal Ammendment

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Capitalism is simply the defining structure that propels American business forward. It allows the average U.S. citizen the opportunity to fulfill his or her desires or needs unobstructed within obvious legal boundaries. It also allows those same citizens to offer that opportunity to each other. If a person in the United States wants a certain kind of shoe then they have almost limitless opportunities to acquire a shoe that helps them feel the most satisfied. If a person in the United States wants a certain kind of ball or another kind of sporting accessory then because we live in a capitalist environment that person can acquire the sports accessory that makes them the happiest. Those are just a few of the magnificent virtues that capitalism affords the United States.

There are obvious contentions that can be discussed about the capitalist structure and they must be addressed to assure the maximum amount of happiness for America. Unregulated capitalism with few guidelines usually directs a large amount of American resources to a small amount of people while the rest of America is hindered from benefiting. Soviet style communism also guided a large amount of resources to a small amount of people while hindering the Soviet Union’s citizens from benefiting. In that way unregulated capitalism is almost a structural mirror of cold war era communist economics. When unregulated, or barely regulated, capitalism flourishes without any governmental help or national interest then capitalist enterprises tend to become monopolies that can easily destroy the economies they thrive in. Before the 2008 economic decline the FBI warned of too little corporate regulation and Americans were economically impacted as a direct result of that l...

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...profits without also being able to become “to big to fail” and start national economic collapse then those companies will help America and support capitalism. When companies become “too big to fail” they only negatively impact both capitalism and America.

Capitalism will always be the best choice for any society as long as it isn't contradictory by regulation, or too little regulation, towards the people or governments of that society. When American companies understand the need to help America and respect regulation then America will be less likely to suffer the economic failures that have happened as a result of too little federal and corporate regulation. You can support America by trying to buy American made products when possible and asking your State and Federal legislators to enact regulations that keep jobs in America and supporting Americans.

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