Features Of Web Design Layouts Essay

Features Of Web Design Layouts Essay

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According to Eccher (2015, p. 169), before a designer begins to build a website, he/she must understand the infrastructure of a web page. As affirmed, a good website is aesthetically pleasing, is usable, and is functional. Web designers seek to have a mortised website. Having a good layout where content is easy to find and to follow achieves the usability aspect of web design. To achieve functionality and aesthetics, one needs good content layout. There exist two types of website design layouts: fixed layout and fluid layout.
There are advantages and disadvantages to using one type of layout over another. There also differences between the two types of layouts. Below is a discussion on the differences between the two and the advantages and disadvantages of both.
A fixed website layout has fixed width, and the components inside it have either percentage (fixed) widths where the container element is set to not move regardless to whether the screen resolution adjusted by the user (Knight, 2009). Fixed layouts begin with a specific size as determined by the Web designer; they remain that width, regardless of the size of the browser window viewing the page. Fixed layouts give the designer more control over how the page will look, and are preferred by designers with a print background since it permits the designer to make minimal adjustments to the layout while retaining consistency across browsers and platforms. (Kyrnin, 2015)
On the other hand, a liquid (fluid) website layout differs due to the magnitude of components inside with percentage widths that can adjust to the user’s screen resolution (Knight, 2009). Liquid layouts are based on percentages consistent with the current browser window 's size. They contra...

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Liquid Layouts. Liquid layouts limit the amount of control over the width of the certain elements of the page, resulting in columns of text that are either too wide to comfortably scan, or words on smaller browsers not showing up as clearly. Liquid layouts present problems when a fixed width element is placed inside a liquid column; if the column is rendered without enough space for the image, some browsers will increase the column width, while other browsers will cause overlaps in text and images in order achieve the correct percentages (Kyrnin, 2015).
In conclusion, a web designer has a couple of options to choose from when creating a layout for a website. Those options include a fixed layout or a liquid layout. Whichever option that the designer chooses, the ultimate goal should be to create a website that is aesthetically pleasing, usable, and functional.

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