Fears While Alone in "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy Essay

Fears While Alone in "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy Essay

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Imagine being alone in a dark and gloomy world, trying to survive in a place with no food, no shelter and cannibals waiting for you to cross their paths. Cormac McCarthy confronts these fears in his novel, The Road. Released in September 26, 2006, this novel has been opening reader’s eyes to the reality of survival. An unexplained catastrophe has reduced the world to burnt, sparse land, home to few humans, dogs, and burnt plants. Ash and toxic particles fill the air, never letting the sun fully shine through. The main characters are a man and his young son, who are on a long journey south, trying to escape to warmer weather. They're alone, surviving off the bare minimum the land around them is providing. All of their possessions are pushed ahead of them in a shopping cart with a loose, squeaky wheel. They have enough to get by for a few days and then they must scavenge for more. Groups of cannibals roam the world, taking no pity on anything they come across. As they walk along, the deserted roads, the man keeps one eye on a motorcycle mirror attached to the shopping cart, so they are not attacked from behind. The only form of protection they have is a pistol, loaded with a few bullets. Every day is similar; wake up, eat a little food, pack the cart, look at the map and then start walking. In the middle of the book they run into a group of cannibals and the father is tested when his son is captured by one of them. The father and son go for days without food and very little water. One day they come upon an old farm. Here they find an underground shelter filled with food, water, and beds. They can’t believe their luck and fill their shopping cart to the brim. They stay for a couple of days, but then leave to try to make it to warmer ...

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...tand? Stop crying. Do you understand? I think so, the boy replied. No, do you understand? Yes. Say yes I do Papa. Yes I do Papa. He looked down at the boy. All he saw was terror. He took the gun from him. No you don't, he said. I don't know what to do, replied the boy. Shh, I'm right here. I won't leave you. You promise. Yes, I promise. I was going to run. To try to lead them away. But I can't leave you.”
The Road, by Cormac McCarthy is a novel that will truly change the way I view reality. What if the catastophic disaster that destroyed almost all humanity in this story happened in real life? Would the surrviving people try to surrvive of the bare minimum or would they turn into cannibals? This book, left so many “what if” questions in my head and really made me think about our life on this planet and what would happen if it was takin away in the blink of an eye.

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