The Fear Of The Refugees Essay

The Fear Of The Refugees Essay

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Who is Responsible?
The pictures of dead Syrian refugees, floating in the water plagues television screens worldwide. These photos were meant to call not only the U.S and Europe to take action but for them to feel morally responsible for these stranded refugees. Several countries in Europe allowed the refugees to enter but have since stopped the migration. In 2001 and in 2015, Europe and America alike were faced with events that caused fear, suspicion, and a general prejudice to enter into the minds of their citizens. The problem is not only the general public’s blatant refusal of entering refugees but how the refugees are being treated once they enter into said nations. The mistreatment of the refugees by American and Europe is due to xenophobia and a fear of terrorism, lack of resources, and documented cases of rising tensions between refugees and European citizens.
Xenophobia is an irrational fear of people from other countries. Europe and American citizens alike believe that once the refugees enter into their countries that they will be replaced. “…In the wake of the Paris massacres, we see the same nationalistic hysteria as after 9/11, the same hatred of the other, the same impossible demand for perfect security. It’s xenophobia squared: To use David Cameron’s word, the “swarm” of Muslim immigrants will not only overwhelm our social services, take our jobs, and change our culture—the usual anti-immigrant fears-but kill us in our beds”(Politt). The citizen’s fear of the influx of refugees is causing the refugees to be turned away. These thought are preconceived due to the Paris massacre, 9/11, and the Iraqi conflict. Terrorism and xenophobia have led to a loss in faith in man and has led countries to refuse entry to asylum-...

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...ith $586 million), the United Arab Emirates ($405 million), and Qatar ($236 million) have likewise contributed.”(Barakat). If more money isn’t an option Barakat offers another solution to the ongoing problem.
The main objective should be trying to relocate the refugees but it should be ending the war in Syria. Ending the war in Syria will cause a chain reaction that will lead to the end of migrating refugees. The world is being split in half over the refugee crisis because powerful nations like Russia and Iran support Bashar Assad and westernized nations support the rebels going against him. Since the war is unlikely to stop, the author offers another solution: peace agreements that would rehabilitate Syria, reconstruct Europe 's reputation, and create a safe place for the refugees. It is Americas and Europe’s responsibility to make changes now before it is too late.

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