Fear Of The Head, A Much More Vile And Crippling Question Essay

Fear Of The Head, A Much More Vile And Crippling Question Essay

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Doubt; a word not many people seem to fully grasp. Many see it as hesitations equal; thinking about a choice carefully before making a decision. However, doubt digs deeper than that, whereas hesitation puts the question of, “should I do this,” in the head, doubt puts the question of, “can I do this,” in the head, a much more vile and crippling question. Doubt is more sinister and dark than other words that bear negative connotations for many reasons, one of which being that doubt does not gather attention or praise. Doubt much prefers to sit on the sidelines inconspicuously, letting hate and disgust take the spotlight while he stealthily pulls the strings of…what exactly? Doubt’s motives are not fully understood by many. Doubt is not as bold or brash as hatred, or as noxious or virulent as disgust. If doubt doesn’t act like other negative thoughts, what exactly does doubt do? Instead of introducing baleful thoughts, doubt
prevents positive ideas from ever coming into reality. It is my understanding that doubt does not pull strings, but slashes them. Where hate would directly empowered itself, doubt would wither and disintegrate positivity, gaining power as positivity loses it. It is with this knowledge of doubt that I have constructed my own definition of it, the killer of dreams, the butcherer of success, and the drainer of confidence.
The ways doubt interacts with the mind and soul is entirely unique to it. Doubt’s relationship with the mind and body is not healthy, it is purely a parasitic relationship that is much more harmful than other negatively connotated words. Hate for example, produces a fuel for the mind, a drive, now this drive is often seen in a distasteful light, however, it can drive people to make ...

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...as a safe haven, while the constructive thoughts are pushed away.
Doubt we now know is not even close to being as placid and helpful as other words seen as synonyms, doubt is much more repulsive and horrid than those words. Doubt stops success, and introduces inactivity. It is one of the most evil attributes that could ever inhabit the human mind, and it is inside all of us. Now perhaps you read this and think “doubt isn’t all that bad, it’s a healthy quality to have in life”. And to that I say, who’s telling you this? Is it your feelings of confidence? No. What about courage and happiness? No. What about decisiveness and willpower? No, I don’t think so. Perhaps, it’s the man on the sidelines, cutting strings and slandering others while under a persona of kindness, the one trying to convince you he’s not all that malicious, you just need to give him a chance.

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