Essay The Fear Of Public Speaking

Essay The Fear Of Public Speaking

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Most all of us can say that we have “panicked” at the thought of taking an exam, or we have panicked before you went to meet someone for the first time. The heart pounding feeling that you cannot breathe is normal in a lot of situations. Perhaps, you worry that you are going to bomb the exam, you took, you feel anxious at the thought of meeting that good looking person you have appreciated from afar. These scenarios are all considered to be normal fears that most of us experience in our lives at one time or the other. We have all felt panicky going on our first date or driving a car for the first time or getting the front car on the world’s largest roller coaster. In addition, most of us will admit that we panic at the thought of speaking in public. According to the “1977 Book of Lists,” the fear of public speaking was rated number 1 of the most feared ("Joyful Public Speaking (from fear to joy): The 14 Worst Human Fears in the 1977 Book of Lists: where did this data really come from?," n.d.). We experience anxiety from time to time and deal with those fears in a productive way, with meditation, yoga, exercise or hypnosis. The person who does not have the capability of dealing with their anxiety will experience “panic attacks.” When these attacks are severe enough, a physician may render a diagnosis of “Panic Disorder” when excitements cause emotional suffering or dysfunction. This paper will discuss the cause, the symptoms, the treatment and interventions for people with Panic Disorder and panic attacks.
Amanda McMillian wrote an article for Health Magazine that provides a bevy of information on Anxiety Disorder, which mimics the Panic Disorder because, like anxiety disorder, people with Panic Disorder have similar r...

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...person is affected by their surroundings ("NIMH » Panic Disorder: When Fear Overwhelms," n.d.).
The stigma of mental illness prevents people from seeking treatment for Panic disorder and other mental disorders. It may be hard to get a person to understand and believe they have a problem. Help is available, with the help of a trained mental health professional an intervention may help. Trained providers know how to prepare for an intervention, they can educate the family and the sufferer on what to expect and how to get help. Therapist’s help people deal with unreasonable fears and can help them change their behaviors and put them on the path to recovery. According to Intervention Centers, helping the family understand what a person is dealing with, can help the family and the sufferer make a decision for treatment ("Anxiety Intervention," n.d.).

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