Fear Of Offending And / Or Hurting Someone 's Feelings, Obesity Essay

Fear Of Offending And / Or Hurting Someone 's Feelings, Obesity Essay

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Slide #1 (Title): I would first like to introduce myself by saying that I am sixteen, I live in a beautiful house in sunny Arizona and today, I hope to shed light on a topic that is so rarely discussed for fear of offending and/or hurting someone 's feelings, obesity. The simple truth is i’m overweight, I 've spent a long time ignoring the problem that I had obviously caused. When I ran up hill or walked up stairs I would be out of breath, It 's not easy to admit, but it was the life I was living. I went to the doctor and indeed, I was out of shape, had an unhealthy diet and was overweight. Now I realize just how many people share the same problems I faced, children and adults alike, how many people who don’t understand how being obese or overweight can truly change and affect their life, I want people to know the dangers they face if they continue with this unhealthy track of life and what we can do to make it better.

Slide #2 (Problem Overview): Being obese or overweight is defined by the technical definition of, excess fat on the body. Yet, this is such a broad term, what is excess fat? Don’t we need fat in our bodies? The answer to these questions is most definitely yes, everyone 's body uses and needs fat to run an effective system; But if the body is getting an intake of too much fat, it uses what it needs and stores the rest. This is the “excess” fat on the body, the fat the body is not using and just storing. This excess fat on the body can lead to monumental changes in our lifestyle with our family and friends, our health, and our mood on a day-to-day basis; we need to take action immediately or else we might start to see a reverse in life expectancy or increased chances of life long illnesses, the sort of things t...

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...e can all but fix this problem by just doing two things, educating children about their health and putting a tax on fatty/sugary foods we can slowly change the world. Children will learn about healthy eating habits in school, about exercise, and continue a path of healthy living, passing it on to their children and grandchildren. Adults will start to choose fresh produce because it can now fit inside their budget, the lower price will increase demand dropping the price even further. People will start to improve eating habits and make more educated choices, children and adults alike. We can make a difference in hundreds of people 's lives, drop the rate of heart disease and diabetes, and increase the world 's life expectancy. Just like I realized I needed to take a step in the right direction, we all need to, we need to take the first step, the step to a better future.

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