Fear of Judgement in Women Essay

Fear of Judgement in Women Essay

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She wakes up and finds herself emerged in the same dreadful nightmare. Her eyes are swollen from crying the night before. She takes a deep breath and stands up to face another long day. She sees her reflection in the mirror. Flaws are everything she sees. Round face, small eyes, big nose, shiny skin, fat and short legs, and frizzy hair. The image she often sees of the blue-eyed model from the magazines remains in her thoughts. After covering her face with makeup, she enters the scary outer world with her head held down, as always. I wish I could see how people see me, she thinks to herself. This thought quickly goes away, I’m just another invisible shadow anyway, no one will remember me when I’m gone, she remembers. Throughout the day, not a single word escapes her mouth, yet her head is exploding with thoughts. She tries to breathe and relax, but she finds no air to fill her lungs. All she sees are better and prettier girls than her. She sees them everywhere, on T.V, the Internet, movies, magazines, and even books. There is no way out. Feeling more powerless than ever, she becomes another shadow blending into the crowd.
This girl is not just another shadow in the crowd. She is the mind and body of every teenage girl or young woman trying to fit into a society. Every hour of every day, girls feel oppressed, weak, and worthless. They put effort only on their physical looks, yet they scarcely ever challenge their intellectual side. Fitting into a social circle has gotten more and more challenging because of media. Media has become the most powerful intermediary in society. It is the easiest and most accessible source of information: a free education. Even so, the messages it has send to society are creating new perceptions of how t...

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