Fear Is The Unpleasant Emotion Essay

Fear Is The Unpleasant Emotion Essay

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According to Chris Hadfield, fear is the unpleasant emotion (caused by dangerous) by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, or likely to cause pain or threat. One of the saying is “Fear is a choice while danger is the reality of a certain situation”- which means we cannot control the level of danger in a situation, but we can choose to feel afraid or chose not to let fear limits our ability to try something new, create or dream from coming true but with practice we can overcome our fear of scary situations. For example, Chris Hadfield mentioned as a little kid, he always dreamt of going on spaceships and becoming an astronomer. However, as he mentioned about his dream, it was impossible to be true if he believed his fears about flying or trying something for the most part known to be dangerous. In my opinion, I agree with what Chris Hadfield mentioned about the fear that it sometimes can be excessive, but it is our choice to overcome these fears by more practice and gaining new experience, but I also think that it can be useful because it can hinder us from doing something that actually could harm us.

First to be able to overcome something we need to first define what it is and its causes. For example, what is the meaning of fear? Fear is an emotion created by certain parts in our brains such as the amygdala and the hypothalamus and turned into physical responses when we face danger situations. Our body then transfers our emotion of fear into physical Symptoms such as rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, and more worrying. Then we have the choice to react with fear or to choice not to fear anything or “Fight or flight”- a response which allows us to fight against a threat if it 's possible to successfully or flee if...

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...Second, gradual exposure or when you gradually expose yourself to whatever you’re afraid of, and then, you withdraw when your anxiety becomes excessive. Daily Mood Log, where you write down the negative thoughts that make you feel anxious or frightened and replace them with positive thoughts and telling yourself that things will turn out reasonably well, the Cost-Benefit Analysis (make a list of risks and benefits that can be gained if something failed or succeeded of confronting your fears), and finally getting in touch (if you feel anxious or panicky, you could be ignoring a problem that is best addressed instead of being ignored, review your life, and find situations that are making you feel uncertain and fearful. When you find the courage to discuss a problem such as the fear of rejection in a direct and open way, a sense of calm will replace uncertainty or fear.)

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