Essay on Fear Is The Seriousness Of The Crime Problem

Essay on Fear Is The Seriousness Of The Crime Problem

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Fear is defined as “a feeling of distress, dread, panic, uneasiness, alarm in the context of the immediate environment”. Fear is an emotional reaction rather than a judgement, it is a instinctual reaction to the possibility of danger. Almost all humans have experienced fear throughout their life, some have experienced a higher and more consistent level of fear than others. Two factors out of the countless number of factors that influence or bring on the emotion of fear more than other factor that are important to the topic I am going to discuss in this paper are perceived seriousness and perceived danger. Perceived seriousness is the seriousness of the crime problem. How people perceive the seriousness of crime can be influenced by the media, their personal experience or somebody they know experience with being the victim of crime, etc. This connects to perceived danger which is how dangerous an area might be. The more serious you perceive crime, the higher your perceived danger will be.
Walking around the Towson University campus and the Towson area Monday night, DJ Pallock and I perceived seriousness and danger were higher than usual due to our knowledge of the armed robbery that took place on campus the early hours of Sunday morning. This raised our fear of crime and walking around I noticed one place on campus and two places off campus in the Towson area where I believe that the average individual would experience fear of crime moving about in the area in the evening or at night.
The area on campus I discovered as a protentional trigger of the fear of crime is located under the enrollment service building. This area is an underground alley that is secluded off from the surrounding areas and buildings. The underground alley...

... middle of paper ...

...ought of us being able to defend ourselves in a situation that would require us to because we believe that we are always in control, that we possess a great deal of strength, and overall we as males are raised to be fearless. All of this plays a role in lowering the fear of crime males have in general. Personally, my fear of stranger crime is little to none. But living in Baltimore now, I am aware of the crime problem in this area. One way that this perceived seriousness of crime has altered my daily life in the social environment in Baltimore is that when I go into the city to party, I do not wear my expensive clothes, accessories, and shoes due to the fear that I have off being jumped and stripped of these items. So, I lay back and wear casual clothes and try to adapt to the social environment so that I don’t stand out catching the attention of possible offenders.

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