Fear Is A Dangerous, Fragile Affair Essay

Fear Is A Dangerous, Fragile Affair Essay

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Emotions can be a dangerous, fragile affair. No matter how much we don’t want to admit it, controlling our feelings is not an easy feat. It is difficult to contain something that even professionals have trouble understanding. The emotions the majority of people feel can fall into one of two categories: negative and positive. Positive feelings may include happiness, excitement, and love. The negative spectrum of emotions is composed of things like anger, depression, and fear. Fear is one of the most powerful emotions. Fear can tell you when to move. Fear can tell you when to fight. Fear, more often than not, controls us. If we are able to better understand fear, we can better comprehend ourselves and overcome it.
Fear has a complex relationship with a specific emotion: anxiety. When anxiety rears its ugly head, fear usually is not far behind. Often times, if a person has anxiety about something, they fear it as well. The difference between the two is hidden in their definitions. Typically, we have a fear of something and are anxious about something. So, you may have anxiety about the same thing you fear. The most common example is social anxiety. People who suffer from social anxiety worry when they experience any communicative interaction. These types of people are also scared of situations in which they might be required to be social. Social anxiety is, more often than not, irrational. However, in some cases, fear is completely rational.
Although some fears are trivial, others are justified. All emotions have two categories: rational and irrational. Rational fears include: heights and plane crashes. Heights, of course are dangerous because you could fall to your death. A fear of plane crashes is rational due to a simila...

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...Amygdala is an instinctual part of the brain, which would account for her inability to develop fear (Sanders, Laura). However rare this may be, SM’s case adds yet another variation to fear.
Regardless of how complicated emotions, especially fear, may be, we need to learn how to understand them. By understanding fear, we can overcome our phobias. Fear has a complex relationship with other emotions and can also be irrational. The number one fear in the United States is public speaking, but almost all people have a fear of the unknown. In response to fear. Our brains make one of two responses: fight or flight. Fear also does not exclusively mean scared; it can be a fearful respect. The majority of humans experience fear at some point. However, there are rare exceptions. By attempting to understand fear and its many variations, we are able to better understand ourselves.

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