Fear Is A Crazy Thing Essay

Fear Is A Crazy Thing Essay

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Afraid To Do Something? Do It Anyway!
Fear is a crazy thing. Sometimes, it makes it almost impossible to go after your dreams, but once you move past it, it doesn 't seem as big anymore.

For instance, you may have gotten an interview for a dream job, but you may be afraid to go in for that interview. So afraid, in fact, that you think about cancelling the interview and forgetting the whole dream. Your fear tells you that you may act stupid, not be worthy, or be rejected. But if you do go in for that interview, the fear of how horrible it 's going to be will be an obvious over-exaggeration - even if you do get rejected.

Fear Can Live Everywhere

It 's not just the big things that we can be fearful of doing. It 's the little things too.

I have always had a fear of talking to people on the phone. I 'm scared I 'm going to say something stupid or offend someone, and I would much rather type an email or message than pick up a phone. Sometimes that fear has held me back from talking to important people. I looked that up, and apparently it is called Telephonophobia.

I often get my husband to make important calls, but if I can 't, I will pick up the phone and face my fear. I do it anyways. And, it is NEVER as horrible as I think it is going to be.

Taking the plunge into fear always works out in the end.

Following are just a few examples of people who were also afraid, but did it anyway.

Q. What 's one activity that you were scared to try, but did it anyway?

A. Cendrine Marrouat (Social media coach, blogger, curator, and author)

I am an introvert and very shy. So, group conversations are hard for me, especially since English is not my mother tongue.

When I became a social media professional, I knew the job would involve worksh...

... middle of paper ...

...als or decide to spend a few days with another traveler. This is total freedom!

Since this first trip, I 've been to Asia twice a year. My second trip was even in China. I don 't speak China but I feel like at home there.

Our fears are our worse enemies. It 's normal to be afraid by unknown things, but it 's so rewarding to overcome it!!!

A. Phil Turner (The 5 Currencies Guy)

I love dragonboat paddling. I love paddling in races because of the team spirit and the adrenaline buzz when you win.

Face Your Fears!

In the end, you may be scared to do something that you know will be beneficial for your life, but the result will likely be worth the effort of pushing past that fear. The truth is that it never works out as bad as the fear tells you it will, so take it from me and everyone else who has 'just done it! ' - If you are scared to do something - do it anyway!

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