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In this paper I will discuss Richard Wright’s novel which was divided into three books, fear, flight, and fate. This novel was written about a young black named Bigger Thomas who lived in Chicago in the 1930’s. Bigger struggles with realizing limited opportunities and resisting, hating, and fearing. Bigger Thomas felt forced into a corner by discrimination as he felt frustrated by racism. Bigger later felt as if he had the power over the Caucasian population once he murdered a white woman and a white man. The murders that Bigger committed finally gave Bigger his meaning of life while he sat in jail but unfortunately it was too late and his crimes resulting in a trial and execution.
Bigger and his family lived in a dingy rat infested apartment. In the story bigger has the opportunity to get a job that will give his family a slightly higher living standard, but Bigger is scared to face reality. His fear of reality is what is causing him to feel the way he does about working for a white person. His fear is a result of the lack of power to control his own situation. He is ashamed of his family’s poverty and afraid of white people who control his life. He works very hard to hide his fear from others and even himself. Having limited opportunities in life have begun to change his perception of himself. Fear and hatred within bigger is expressed through violence, for instance, after robbing the Blum family he killed a white man who witnessed his robbery.
Bigger meets up with his friend Gus who was supposed to be an accomplice in the robbery with Gus, but Gus showed up late. Bigger expressed his anger with Gus as if he was mad at Gus for showing up late as Bigger never told Gus that he still went on and committed the robbery wi...

... middle of paper ...

...art of the blame for Bigger’s crimes belongs to the fearful, hopeless existence that he has experienced in a racist society since birth. Max warns that there will be more men like Bigger if America does not put an end to the vicious cycle of hatred and revenge. Despite Max’s arguments, Bigger is sentenced to death. A flight example would be when Bigger sat in jail and started to reflect on all of his negative crimes he had committed over time.
In conclusion, Bigger is not a traditional hero by any means. However, Wright forces us to enter into Bigger’s mind and to understand the devastating effects of the social conditions in which he was raised. Bigger was not born a violent criminal. He is a “native son a product of American culture and the violence and racism that covers it.

Wright, R. (2005) “Native Sun” New York: HarpersCollinsPubisher

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