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Fear, Changes, And Choices Essay examples

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Fear, Changes, and Choices
All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr is a novel filled with despair, death, hopefulness, and fearlessness. It revolves around WWII, Nazi Germany, the young camps for soldiers, and two teenagers who struggle throughout their period of life as well as the people around them.
Marie-Laure, and Werner are the main focuses of this book, they go in and out of trials and tribulations as well as happiness. All of the characters in this novel have changed for the better or worse.
Fear changes people, and it significantly changed the characters in this book. It is one of the most important things to a human because they are fearful. The War had made people in 1944 constantly in a state of wondering what was going to happen next, if their young boy is going to get sent to a concentration camp with Hitler. Soon, people around the world saw Hitler as a substantial threat as well as a vicious monster, however people of Germany looked up to him and didn’t want disappoint him, which made them work even harder and smarter. The terror of disappointment, loneliness, tragedy, and loss clouded their judgement. However, the most important part of this reading was the horror of what would happen if you’d get caught listening to the radio or sending something that shouldn’t be sent. Fear drives us, but how much did it drive these characters?

Of all of the characters, Madame Manec was the most inspiring by miles. She did not allow the War to get to her in a way that she feared for the next coming day. Living like there is no tomorrow was the true definition of Madame Manec, she egged houses even though she knew what could happen to her if she’d gotten caught. Marie-Laure looked up to her, as a friend and motherly figur...

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...Werner Pfenning grew up in an orphanage alongside his sister, Jutta Pfenning. He got pulled into the coal mines at the young, ripe age of fifteen. He loves fixing things, considering he’d like to be a scientist. Werner fixed radios, and caught the eye of Siedler, which offered him a spot at school.
Werner has changed because he would not have done some of the things that he’d done when he was out on the killing fields, he eventually participated in a genocide. Killing a young boy because the Nazi Germany had told him had torn him apart. The assumption about the family having a radio was made by Werner Pfenning had killed that boy, which made him vulnerable.
All in all, all of the characters changed because of fear, the war or some other external or internal force that drove them to have the personality and essentially making them the character that they are.

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