Fear: A Controlling Human Emotion Essay

Fear: A Controlling Human Emotion Essay

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Human emotions get the best of us during times of extreme distress, panic, anger, loneliness, etc. We are slaves to our psyche since it is our minds that control and provide our thought process, which directly relates to our own actions. Emotions occur naturally, automatically and are triggered by our surroundings and significant events that leave an impression on us.
Emotions are basic human instinct. They are subconscious warnings and reactions to certain situations and to our surroundings. A simple example is someone experiencing the death of a loved one. They feel the emotions of sadness and despair as a reaction to the death. Emotions enable humans, as well as animals, to survive. Without psychological emotions, our bodies and minds would wander aimlessly without direction, caution or cause. Fear is an especially powerful human emotion that affects everybody almost every day. It helps control society to distinguish between right and wrong, it keeps us in check, and makes us think of our actions before committing them. One instance that documents the influence fear has is the action of crossing the street…one looks both ways before doing so to prevent being hit by an automobile. It is the fear of getting injured or even dying that provides the mental caution and in turn our safety. Best put, fear helps “…you to rightly recognize and respond cautiously to impending dangers and possible threats,” (Jan Heering. How to Control Fear). Fear can help anyone recognize right from wrong and protect them but, can this same protection, this same instinct, turn around and keep us in place?
Naturalist, Charles Darwin, who was the first to explore his own theory of natural selection, observed emotional response in thousand...

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...ontrol and manipulate. A legal system is also an example of suppressing via the drastic human emotion. Laws are the support columns of a stabilitated society. They protect citizens and prevent many from committing crimes against humanity. But, they are all founded through fear. A teenager will think twice when his friends pressure him to steal from a store. He is afraid of being caught and possibly going to jail for the crime he committed.
One might state that humans may be able to overcome their emotion of fear, in turn overcoming coercion or even say that fear may cause you to act irrationally as well as rationally. This is true. As fear causes us to think before acting, it may also cause us to act without thinking in a quick, brief amount of time. And we can also overcome our fears and do something drastic or simply not succumb to coercion through refusal.

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