Fdr 's Impact On The President Of The United States Essay

Fdr 's Impact On The President Of The United States Essay

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Firstly, FDR did not reach the white house the same way that his 5th cousin Teddy did. FDR had campaigned for the Presidency, against the incumbent Herbert Hoover. FDR was a Democrat; and felt that the government needed to do more to help its people. Hoover a Republican; did not believe in direct government intervention. He believed in voluntarism, asking working corporations to voluntarily improve working conditions and wages. In 1932, Roosevelt was elected president. On the other hand, Teddy instead, campaigned for Vice President in 1901, with President William McKinley. He was a Republican, who served as Governor of New York. After the election ended, William McKinley was assassinated in September of 1901. Theodore Roosevelt had been sworn in as the 26th President of the United States.
Secondly, Teddy worked for President McKinley, as Assistant Secretary of the Navy from 1897 until 1898. Theodore Roosevelt pushed for war in Spain, and then on February 15, 1898 The USS Maine explosion, killed 267 service men. Next, President McKinley declared war on Spain, on April 25th, 1898. Teddy resigned and joined the Rough Riders. The Rough riders were the 1st United States volunteer cavalry. The United States would later win the war with Spain, and become an imperial power. Likewise, FDR had served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, in 1913-1920 for President Woodrow Wilson. FDR enjoyed the pleasures of being Assistant Naval Secretary; he participated in ceremonial purposes, and the daily affairs of the Navy. FDR encouraged the build up of the Navy, in the war in Europe.
Thirdly, Theodore Roosevelt sought to change the Presidency after the death of William McKinley. He was a conservative that fought for reforms. He became the first Am...

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...ited States, and would later win the war with Japan.
In Conclusion, we have learned that both men have shown how they have changed the office of President; they showed American’s just how much they cared for protecting all citizens. Although, both men shared differences, they also shared similarities. Both men relied on their own minds, and charisma for success in winning wars, and foreign policy. Teddy knew how to exert his authority to get what he wanted done; FDR also used his charm to win the Presidency, he provided starving men and women with a chance of making it. Each, lead the United States to the top fighting as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, they lead and shaped the way of our Navy. FDR forced the Navy to build more ships so we could be a dominant force. Teddy wanted to build a conflict with Spain to establish America’s name as a World Leader.

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