Fdr And The American Jews Essay

Fdr And The American Jews Essay

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FDR and the American Jews
Over in Germany, Jews were starting to be persecuted and discriminated against. The majority of people in Germany were struggling and needed someone to look up to. This is where Hitler came in and gave them leadership and viewed the Jews as a scapegoat. The plague of Anti-Semitism started to spread deeper into Germany and it got worse. The Jews practically had their rights taken away from them and it was getting out of hand. This is when they looked for a place to escape to, and one of them happened to be the U.S.A led by Franklin Delano Roosevelt.There were already a substantial amount of Jews living in America and who knew how they would react at first but with this problem he had to make a choice, help them out or ignore them. FDR would have liked to help the Jews more, but the circumstances, he was in didn’t allow him to so he took action with what he could and took correct ones. With him there were few American Jews who took charge and most of them didn’t take action on the Holocaust afraid of negative repercussions and feeling like they were “American”.
FDR wasn’t getting much assistance and had other problems to be dealt with. He wasn’t free to do anything he wanted; he had limitations , boundaries, and he did what he could with them (Richard and Lichtman 329). When the stock market crashed immigration was already limited, opposed to the open style it was before. The numbers had just became restricted even more after the tragedy (American Response). He didn’t take the refugee problem of the Nazis had created for him as a huge thing to be concerned about at the moment (“Franklin Delano Roosevelt”). He essentially stood by to see what would happen in Germany as he took ca...

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...ue was at its peak and it was getting to be too late? What some may not realize is that when FDR became president he, had a big list of to-do’s already. He had to deal with the Great Depression first so what was going on overseas was one of his lower concerns (“Franklin Delano Roosevelt”). All of these Jewish organizations were sitting there begging Roosevelt to do something, so why didn’t he listen or change policies because of this. Well it’s because as stated before Jewish groups did put a lot of pressure on FDR, but they never really were unified and didn’t have a lot of power to sway policy (Richard and Lichtman 321). If they couldn’t come into a big enough group to get what they wanted done, then it isn’t a widespread belief, so Congress and FDR can’t sit there and take the time to listen to every single group’s problem when they are trying to solve the crises.

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