Favoritism Among Parents and Children Essay

Favoritism Among Parents and Children Essay

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No matter how hard we try to deny it, favoritism is a disease we’re all born with. Ever since we were little, we were persuaded into thinking it was better to favor certain things over others; colors, music, or the most famous one of all; the love from Mommy vs Daddy. These factors later on have a great impact on the way we as children develop. We try so hard to make our subconscious believe that we love everyone equally, when deep inside we know it’s not true. However, when you're a parent it is important to emphasize that your love for each child is equal. When a parent makes it obvious to a child that they have a favorite, it can start to reflect on the child's behavior. “Only with words and people and love you move at ease;” (Nims, 572)
Laura Tavares was born in 1995. Since the day she was brought into this world she was verbally abused by her mother. Being the first child, one would have thought, “she would be the most loved”. By the age of seven, there was a new baby in the house, Samuel. He was born premature, and aside from the verbal abuse, Laura started to get neglected. By age 10, she was obese and dressed like a middle aged woman. Her mother made sure that Laura knew her place as the slave in the family, waiting on Sammy hand and foot. Evidently Laura knew she was not the favorite, and she made it her goal to change that. She became a straight A student, and was know as the best dancer at our school. She lost weight, and got a job where she made over $1000 a week. Meanwhile cleaning a house that would outshine the sun if she cleaned it anymore, all to gain the love of her mother. “I need a mother”- She
would constantly say to me. Till this day Laura has been trying to prove to her mother, that she is worthy of her ...

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