Favorite Place On Campus - Original Writing Essay

Favorite Place On Campus - Original Writing Essay

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Favorite Place On Campus
Who knew a single building could be the most relaxing place for students. This single building holds the key to all the resources on campus.With the peacefulness that it provides, the student’s journey to understanding whatever material he or she needs starts there. Everything that a student needs to succeed and make something out of themselves is provided in this building. From the books to the computers and the tutors provided, students are able to conquer anything that they need help me or might not understand. The library also assures the students a place where you can sit down and catch a breath from the chaos outside.
Just as you make your way to the library, you encounter stairs which to me resembles the climb to success. As you enter through the black mirrored double doors you allow yourself into the world of knowledge. You are greeted by a person behind the desk;she asks you if you need assistance which makes you feel welcomed. Once the students pass by the long narrow front desk and sit down he or she realizes that this space provides them some p...

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