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Faust: Positive or Negative Essay

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Faust: Positive or Negative
The Faust legend, as with other great legends, has many interpretations. In Goethe’s Faust: Part One, the protagonist’s character is questioned, and this uncertainty contributes to the number of interpretations the story has. It is unclear whether or not Faust is a positive or a negative figure. In the story, Faust gets pulled into a journey of deceit and sin. As long as Faust followed the Devil, he became closer to his own downfall. Alberto Destro argues that a moral hero lives his life according to the ordinary “moral” point of view. Destro claims that Faust cannot be considered a moral hero, but instead a negative figure because Faust does not follow the ordinary “moral” point of view. I agree with his claim that Faust is a negative figure, and my paper will build upon the argument that Faustian ethic, which include striving for self-realization, leads to disaster. Much evidence is taken from the final scene of Faust I, “Dungeon.”
Destro claims that Faust is negative because he is a “superman” and turns his back on the judgments and values of the community to pursue self-realization. Destro lays out three premises: first, he says that if Faust was “superman,” then he cannot be considered a moral hero, but a moral villain; second, he says that if Faust is a moral villain then he is a negative figure; third, he states that Faust is a “magician,” “robber,” and “instigator of murderers.” But if we look deeper into Destro’s claim, then we see that he trying to state that Faust isn’t a negative character because of the things he is—“robber”, “magician,” and “instigator of murderers”—but it is his ethical perspective that makes Faust a negative character. It is the set of values he accepts that make h...

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