The Faults Of Feminism And Feminism Essay

The Faults Of Feminism And Feminism Essay

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The Faults in Feminism
The term “feminism” tends to have a negative connotation in today’s culture. Feminism is now focusing on female dominance and male disrespect. Women are fighting for equality, yet using personal bias to define equality, claiming identical rights for all will produce an equal culture. The mainstream feminist movement is using this corrupted view of equality to force rights of women. Contrary to popular belief, true feminism fights for true equality for women, as well as other people groups. The false view of feminism causes women to distort gender roles, dishonor themselves, and degrade men.
To begin, the modernized feminist movement has altered the way gender roles are viewed in society. Women are pushing for complete control in nearly every aspect of life. Many feminists believe women could do just as well, if not better, than men have been doing in leadership positions. Many women fail to realize that ingrained in men is a desire to protect and lead. By taking over men’s roles, they leave men not knowing exactly what should be done. Men make mistakes in leadership, that is not being argued, but when men are displaced from the position God has placed them in, they fall into sin and confusion. Likewise, women are meant to be the assistant. This role seems to be secondary, but it is just as necessary as the role of leader. To assist is not merely to follow blindly, as many women assume, it is to be an encourager and companion. To assist is to input ideas, allowing men to take charge and fill the role intended for them. When a man and woman work together as God intended, they are the most powerful team imaginable. They are able to...

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...o “women are superior.” Women have been fighting stereotypes for ages, proclaiming how horrid they are, yet quickly turn around and stereotype men and see no issue with this hypocrisy. The way for women to reach the equality they seek is to bring others up as well as themselves, not to tear them down. When feminists realize and act upon this, they will begin to see the results they have been hoping for.
To summarize, true feminism is understanding the roles of each gender and being content and thriving in the situation they have been placed in, while seeking equality for everyone. As we begin to see the beauty and strength in our roles as helpers and nurturers, being in control shall no longer be of such great importance. If we focus on being the best woman we can be, regardless of our circumstance, the need for feminism will no longer be of such great importance.

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