Essay about Fatherhood Is Not Just Title A Man

Essay about Fatherhood Is Not Just Title A Man

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Fatherhood is not just title a man is giving when a child is born, it’s a responsibility and a commitment that one must endure before and after a child is born. The process is not easy but extremely rewarding. In this writing I interview some fathers. Some of these fathers are expecting or recently became fathers. In my research based off of interviews with these individuals I will summarize the actuality of what fatherhood is and has been to them.
I recently gathered with 5 high school buddies to play poker at another friend’s house. This was probably one of the last times all of us would be able to gather like this saying that Edgar , and Paulos are both expecting the birth of their child. Edgar’s girlfriend is due any day now and Paulos’s wife is due Feburary . Both Paulos and Edgar are expecting their first child at the age of 26. We all went to high school together and participated in Football as well as Track and Field during the spring.
Edgar is more of the partying spontaneous friend. He is a barber in Pacific Beach and his girlfriend is a reflection of his lifestyle since she is a female exotic dancer. I don’t think Edgar has many goals in life but his success as a barber has been able to supply him with a lavish enough lifestyle to party heavy. On the other hand his mature and outlook on fatherhood is totally opposite. When I asked him how he feels about becoming a father he told me that he is extremely excited. He cannot wait to meet his little girl and watch her grow. We also mentioned about me maybe coaching girls basketball when she old enough to play. I chuckled and told him “ I will stick to boys basketball”. The way Edgar has been his girlfriend through the pregnancy has just been financially. Unfortunaly there ...

... middle of paper ..., the way he said having a kid has changed his life is just the amount of time he actually has for himself has completely diminished, but he enjoys it. The advice shared with me for new fathers is to not stress everything so much. Don’t panic and overacted to the concept of parenting.

After interviewing or merely questioning these fathers, you can see the similarities more than the differences. The differences between the two pair are very small. One difference between the pairs is the man who are already father had to change their life. The man who are not fathers are just speaking of the change they must make. Each Induvial has its own different outlook one what being a good father looks like. When it comes to similarities that great once you see is how the new to fathers and the already fathers, want to or have played the same role in the birth of their child.

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