Essay about The Father Stated Not A True Belief

Essay about The Father Stated Not A True Belief

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The father stated “When you believe in something, you have to believe it all the way. If you only believe in it part way, it’s not a true belief.” Elizabeth Ashley King, age 12 died in phoenix, Arizona of bone cancer. She was out of school for six months and neighbors realized they had not seen Ashley for months and notified child protective services. A court was obtained to have Ashley examined at phoenix children’s hospital. Once examined doctors determined her bone cancer has progressed too far for treatment. The tumor on her leg was over on yard in circumference and her heart had enlarged from the strain of pumping extra blood to the tumor. Ashley told the nurses and doctors “I’m in so much pain….. You don’t know how I’ve suffered.”(Learn the Facts, 2015). Out of 172 childhood deaths where medical attention wasn’t acquired, 140 of these deaths had a 90 percent likelihood of survival (Weisman, 2014). Natali Joy was found dead by detectives in her home. She died from an untreated tumor in her eye that was almost the same size as the rest of her head. Hours before her death, the child leaned against the walls in the house and dragged herself from room to room blinded while trailing mass amounts of blood behind. Natali’s parents didn’t believe in medical care and were not prosecuted because Indiana law has religious shield laws. Two years later her five year old sister died from a untreated tumor in her stomach the size of a basketball. In 1997 a six year old boy died from necrotic bowl due to a hernia that could have had easily been treated. The pathologists has seen 18 children die over the past 10 years from curable diseases in a followers of Christ congregation of 1,200 followers. The parents couldn’t be punished because Ore...

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...t of the child. Less children would die due to unnecessary circumstances. However, there could be some issues. Parents would try their hardest to be able to speak for their child. There would be lawsuits after lawsuit. Parents don’t like to be told what to do with their child and they would speak out. It would cost taxpayers millions and millions of dollars. All that money would go towards lawyers and attorneys. The proposal would take a few years to pass because it would take a few years to get congress to understand how big of an issue this is. Religious issues like a child medical care is often kept quiet, so it would take a lot of research. It would also be very hard to get victims to testify, most victims die or try to forget the past. Overall, the solution would work for a few years, but after a lot of complaining, congress will be forced to change their minds.

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