Father Son Relationship in The Black Pearl

Father Son Relationship in The Black Pearl

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The Black Pearl

A young boy reveals his innersole with his father on a journey. He becomes a stripling. The young boy wants to go out to sea with the men. He's an open boy towards the sea and is very understandable and doesn't dread everyday to be horrible because she's on a boat.
Daniel has always dreamed of going to sea. He?s always wanted to sail across it and be in it's vast blue. So when he hears of her fathers plan to go sailing to England on a ship, to go pearl hunting, he just has to go. At first he was reluctant to let him go, considering he was a new time sailor to the family he would be the only young child aboard. Eventually they were talked into letting him come a long. The ship was fairly old and needed to have a lot of work done on it before it could head out to sea. They stop at Block Island, Long Island, Martha's Vineyard, and a little place close to Cape Cod before they finally head out to sea. Their relationships and patients ate tested out on the ocean. Organized as can be, Ramon and his father once started pearl hunting when they were younger. He works hard on it then sells them in the near my market.
They are very popular to the towns? people. The fighting continued and got worse. Patients ran low until they were forced to pull each other?s together behavior together when the sea monster captures Sevillano. When Raymon found a huge pear. The pearl was amazingly beautiful. Its shape and size couldn?t compare to a vagrants money on the towns Marketing streets. The pearl was thought to be fake, but only Daniel and his father new the truth, that it was real. Daniel trusted him self to polish it and shape it, but his father didn?t trust him with the valuable gem stone. His father didn?t think Daniel had enough experience to be handling such a precious stone. When they spotted land after Daniel had captured the beautiful pearl, the whole town had known what had happened and all had gathered. Mostly rich people had come to the bay where they had landed because only there money could compare to the stones beauty and marketing price.

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tting along with her. After the storm of people he had him self questions as if it were his fault why there were so many problems.
I hate the sea and the sea hates me. (Pg.160)
Daniel was sure of a miracle when they got a reasonable, but highest bid on the stone.
He wrote poems to express how he was feeling. He wrote it in his diary. One of the poems was called "The pearl, the pearl come to shine through the lightning." It was about abstract colors and shapes. It was also about her and her family and how they went on a boat trip through England. Daniels father went on the boat trip to prove his strengths and weaknesses.
Daniel and his father had two different personalities, but they still got along the best. Even though him was the founder of the pearl, his father still felt like apart of the event. Daniel enjoyed listening to his father's stories and his favorite poem was "The pearl, the pearl come to shine through the lightning." That was what he said every time he listened to that poem. They always stood up for each other through good times and bad just like he was really apart of the family in the first place.
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