The Father Of Total Quality Management Essay

The Father Of Total Quality Management Essay

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The father of Total Quality Management (TQM) is W. Edwards Deming and the key elements of TQM are:
1. Leaders must develop and disseminate the aims and purposes of the organization. Management must commit to these aims and purposes. Chancellor of the New York City (NYC) Department of Education (DOE), Carmen Fariña, was appointed on December 2013 and began its management on January 2014. She came with a different vision for the DOE called “The Framework for Great Schools” which is a fundamental change to the way the DOE creates partnerships with schools. However, this vision was formulated to work maintaining the mission statement of the DOE to ensure that all students succeed.

2. All must learn the new philosophy-including upper management. As part of the process, the Chancellor created mandatory Professional Development workshops for all DOE employees at all levels, in order to build capacity for school support in order to improve student opportunity results for all.

3. In the interest of processes improvement and cost reductions, all must understand the purpose of inspection. Chancellor Fariña reorganized and removed departments within the DOE, with the restructuring a new agency was created with two offices in each borough; the Borough Field Support Center was formed to seek data to monitor and review the support activities of the organization.

4. Eliminate the practice of using cost as the basis for awarding business. During the first year, under Fariña’s leadership, a $52 million grant was secured, the DOE created Community Schools across New York City. Community Schools are schools that partner with an organization to intertwine services to the local community. Schools work with their community to decide which ...

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...opment (L&D) Series is a professional development program that was created for all Central Office, Field Support Center and Superintendent Office employees to develop their on-the-job skills on various topics such as management, leadership, and collaboration. In addition, achievements of departments within the DOE are highlighted every week on Principals’ Weekly, so employees are conscious of their contributions in students’ education.

14. Act to bring about the transformation. As leader of the DOE, Chancellor Fariña brought resources from the community into the school system by welcoming, encouraging and developing partnerships with families, business, and community-based organizations, so leading by her example and nurturing the professional growth of teachers, principals and staff across the DOE; she created a social-emotional support that drives achievement.

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