The Father of the Constitution Essay examples

The Father of the Constitution Essay examples

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James Madison most notorious for his title of father of the Constitution was born on March 16, 1751 on a small plantation in Virginia. In his early life James Madison was very sickly suffered from psychosomatic, or stress-induced, seizures that accompanied the treat of Indians attack during the French and Indian War. This all changed James Madison Sr. acquired a good amount of money by marrying the daughter of a rich tobacco merchant Nelly Conway. They moved into the large plantation Montpelier, with seven younger siblings he was very studious and hardworking earning him the chance to study Princeton which was then called The College of New Jersey. James Madison was tutored in Greek and Latin by the time he had completed college. He then went back to study Hebrew and philosophy for another term. In 1772 He then went back to his home at Montpelier and studied law something he had no passion for; later in 1774 he took a seat at the Committee of Safety a patriot pro-revolution group that oversaw the local militia.
Throughout Madison’s life he always had the good friendship of a Thomas Jefferson that started when Madison was caught up in debated of independence in 1776. Debates lead to him becoming a delegate of the revolutionary group, the Virginia Convention. While he was a delegate he worked to secure religious after seeing protestant preachers being prosecuted by the Anglican Church for preaching without licensees. Madison worked with Thomas Jefferson for the first time to draft the Virginia Status for Religious Freedom which disestablished the Church of England in Virginia and guaranteed freedom of religion to people of all faiths. Madison ran for the new state assembly and lost in the regular elections to a man who promised fr...

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