The Father of Modern Psychology: J.B. Rhine Essay

The Father of Modern Psychology: J.B. Rhine Essay

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Many highly regarded intellectuals and physicists have taken interest in the probability of telekinesis over the years, leading to experiments in the field of study. One of the most renowned names in the research and study of psychic phenomenon is J.B. Rhine, also referred to as “The Father of Modern Psychology”. He has been documented as the first to build a research center that focused on finding evidence that people may have abilities unexplainable by science. The Rhine Research Center used Zener card tests which allowed people to demonstrate their ability to acquire information with, none previously given to them and without use of any of the five senses (The Parapsychological Association). The test proctor would draw cards from a deck 25 cards, each with one of five symbols printed onto it, and the subject would try to predict the order of which the cards would be drawn. The only remotely disproving fact to be found here is that it can be said that the order of the cards itself can not be affected by the test subject, due to the fact that there is no such recorded phenomenon in any of the research.

Freeman Dyson summed up the key points in a book written by Georges Charpak and Henri Broch about the science behind tricking people into believing that such things are possible. The tests done by J.B. Rhine were ridiculed by many people such as Charpak and Broch due to the assumptions that the controls on the experiments were inadequate, the participants were using some type of deceit, or that the results fell in favor of the subject simply because of the bias of the testers (Dyson). However, none of these assumptions are correct because all forms of deception by both the test conductor and the test subject had been accoun...

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