Essay on The Father of Black Liberation Theology: James Hal Cone

Essay on The Father of Black Liberation Theology: James Hal Cone

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1. What makes this article relevant to human development? (1 point)
-The “Should Babies Be Allowed to ‘Cry it Out’ ” article is relevant to human development because, one is focusing/monitoring not only on how a baby cries in the middle of the night, but also at what age does the baby begin to go back to sleep after crying. The article also measures how long should one should let the infant cry before tending to them. Also the article studies at what age the infant starts to cry shortly, and go back to sleep on their own.

2. Which aspect(s) of development does this article address? (1 point)

-This article addresses the “Context-Specific” view, which indicates that development occurs in a different way for people from different backgrounds. In the article researchers discovered many conflicting studies determining whether a child should be allowed to “self-soothe”. We also see the aspect of “responsive parenting” in development. One questioned, “ Can responsive parenting in a child’s first year lay groundwork for better regulation of social and behavioral responses and perhaps even greater life success?”

3. Which age group was studied? (1 point)

-In the article there were a plethora of age groups shown, from the study I chose, the age group were infants 6-36 months of age.

4. Who conducted the study and which discipline (e.g., human development and family studies, psychology, or sociology) are they from? (1 point)
- The study was conducted by Weinraub, Marsha; Bender, Randall H.; Friedman, Sarah L.; Susman, Elizabeth J.; Knoke, Bonnie; Bradley, Robert; Houts, Renate; Williams, Jason through the American Psychological Association. These researchers are from the developmental psychology discipline.

5. I...

... middle of paper ...

.... Sure we can put these infants in a study and see how it all pans out, but not all babies cry throughout the night. This is shown through biological forces, just because we note that infants prior to 6-36 months old cry throughout the night, and begin to stop crying as much around 6months old and progress from there, does not mean that all infants will begin or finish cry or not cry between these ages. One may not begin to start crying until after 6 months. Psychological and Life cycle phases are applied when one adjust to their overall environment, these forces are applied when one raises their child, and how they go about doing so. Also, these four forces were implemented when the article questioned, “can responsive parenting in a child’s first year lay the groundwork for better regulation of social and behavioral responses and perhaps even greater life success’?

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