Father And Mother I Love You Essay

Father And Mother I Love You Essay

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No matter how we do, where we go, who we meet, at the end of a day, we still find ourselves walking home. In daily tasks, family might not come first since jobs or other companies occupy the place, but family is something precious that no one wants to lose, eternity. Family is commonly known as a group provides an individual the needs of food and shelter, consisting of parents and children living together. As a child who has been living with the family since day one, I’m respect and thankful for them, especially parents. Parents are defined plainly as mothers and fathers. But for me, parents mean a lot more in term of defining who I am today. All of my characteristics, behaviors, social skills are learned, affected, and taught by them.
“Father And Mother I Love You” is an Internet phrase where the combination of a first letter of each word is “FAMILY.” That’s right, family most of the time goes with a definition related to love and appreciation. A happy, healthy family more likely to be remembered and to have positive impacts on the members under its root. Especially for the parents, kids develop their characteristics the most from the adolescence stage. And those characteristics are pretty much adapted from the parents. It’s the parents who built up a child’s behavior from the very earliest days. According to Belsky’s (1984) ecological model of the determinants of parents, “among the domains that being suggested for a better parenthood’s quality, the parental characteristics are viewed as the most influential determinants for a child’s development” (Hedwig 256). This means the parents’ actions have a long term significant on a child’s development and characteristics. In the article about domestic abuse, Aysa-Lastra acknowledges...

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...explains how kids “characteristically seek greater freedom while parents typically try to retain some control over their offspring” (Mikulincer 324). This would cause conflicts between children and their parents, which is not a good idea. The kids will grow up having stubborn and disobedient character. Mikulincer has also done a research which compared parental cultures between Western and Eastern societies. He wrote that Western parents often allow kids to make decision themselves, while Eastern parents usually keep the kids in their arms and take the full responsibility for them (Mikulincer 325). This could result in Western kids are more independent than Eastern kids. Western parents give the kids more freedom to express and learn things outside of the box. Eastern kids are kept to stick around with parents, so they don’t have an ability like the Western kids do.

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